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Hello everyone.  I hope you can help me out.  I am trying to make a contract for construction work.  On the contract I have blank lines so I can fill in the company's name, a person's name, address etc..

Here's the problem every time I go to fill it in or delete it the lines move with the typing changing the lay out of the document.  If I delete the info to make a new contract then the line deletes as well also changing the layout of the contract.  What can I use as a line that will not change when I add or delete info into it?  (sample of what I mean; On the proposal of the project at the address of _________________, the home owner  

                                                                                                         address of home owner                                                                                              

____________ in the amount of____________.)

name of home owner                                                                          



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You should be setting this up as a Form and using a Table layout might help.  Check Word for Help creating forms and use the Forms Toolbar...

Hope this helps...

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